Software patents restrict the use of ideas about computation and information processing. Patents are intended to promote innovation, but software patents do just the opposite. We’re members of the Australian software industry. We’d like to be left in peace to do innovative things with computing, but software patents threaten our businesses and communities. We are campaigning to abolish software patents.


  • January 2011: Ben Sturmfels spoke about the End Software Patents Australia campaign. Watch the video.
  • December 2011: We attended a House of Representatives Petition Committee hearing to put forward our concerns about software patents. Listen to the audio.
  • October 2011: Ben Sturmfels gave an introductory talk on software patents. Watch the video.
  • October 2011: Many members of the software industry made submissions to the government review on "innovation patents". Here’s the letter from our ambassadors.
  • September 2010 to January 2011: Over 1000 members of the Australian software industry signed a paper petition to the House of Representatives calling for software patents to be abolished. The petition was accepted at tabled before the house.
  • July and August 2010: Over 1000 members of the Australian software industry signed an online letter to senator Kim Carr against software patents. This demonstrates the widespread concern over software patents.

End Software Patents Coalition

The End Software Patents Coalition is a tide of Australian organisations calling for the abolition of patents on computation and information processing. Participating minimally involves allowing us to place your logo on the End Software Patents page. Please contact ua.moc.mruts|neb#slefmrutS neB.

The following organisations are based outside Australia, but have Australian employees, members or volunteers:

Ambassadors against software patents

The following people are leaders within the community and the software industry. They agree that software patents are harmful to business and community.

Bill Appelbe

Bill Appelbe is the CEO of the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC).

Dr Anthony Berglas

Dr Anthony Berglas is a software developer and Director of Southern Cross Software Queensland.

Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke of Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd is also a Visiting Professor at ANU and UNSW, focusing on strategic and policy aspects of eBusiness.

Paul Gampe

Paul Gampe is the Vice President, Engineering Services and Operations for Red Hat Inc.

Dr Les Kitchen

Dr Les Kitchen is an Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Melbourne.

Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell is an Australian free software programmer and advocate known for his work on the Linux kernel.

Dr Andrew Tridgell

Dr Andrew Tridgell is an Australian computer scientist known for his work on the Samba file server and a visiting fellow at ANU.

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